Novellini appointed a special Supervisory Board, with autonomous powers of initiative and control, which monitors compliance with and the effectiveness of the Model and is responsible for identifying and proposing updates and amendments to the Model to the competent bodies.


All the parties involved (suppliers, customers, business partners, etc.) can apply to report any unlawful, risky or non-compliant behaviours or other dysfunctions that may have been detected, also using the forms provided below and in accordance with the procedure adopted by the Company (so-called Whistleblowing).


Being aware that any reports can provide a useful and constructive contribution to the implementation and improvement of its organisation, the company offers protection to those who report any irregularity or malfunction, protecting them from possible retaliation. Everyone has the right to submit a report to the Supervisory Board: employees, collaborators, partners of the company but also third parties with whom the company has relations, including, by way of example, customers and suppliers. The protection of the person making the report is an integral part of the company's policies for respecting the principles of legality and transparency that inform the company. For this reason, reports are not addressed to, nor do they pass through, the company's head office and/or its computer systems, but may be sent directly to the attention of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, who is a person external to the company and who will be able to handle the report in full autonomy and independence, together with the other external members of the Board and, where necessary and if the latter is willing to do so, with the reporter himself.


The Supervisory Board undertakes to ensure the secrecy of the whistleblower identity, without prejudice to legal obligations. It should be noted that in order to ensure an efficient and effective development of the organisational set-up and of the risk control measures forming part of it, the whistleblower may not in any way be subject to disciplinary sanctions on the basis of what is merely asserted by the whistleblower, without there being any objective evidence and without the facts being adequately investigated. Any report made in bad faith, in an opportunistic manner, as well as unfounded due to gross negligence, is also a source of liability in disciplinary proceedings and in other competent premises: for this reason, in order to support those who wish to make a report to the Body, while ensuring the transmission of the first useful information to the same, it is possible to download the Report Form to be sent to the addresses indicated below. It is possible to send reports on plain paper.


The Supervisory Board may be contacted for any request for information, through its Chairman:


- by e-mail at the following address:

- by mail addressed to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Mr. Salvatore Vittorio Castelli, via Perosi n. 54, 20862 Arcore (MB)