Novellini Be Safe

BeSafe Wall

The safety device to return
to work and social life in safety

BeSafe Wall Wall Barrier are anti virus-transmission protective devices.

The Novellini Group Presents the new BeSafe Wall series, protect breath in glass and alluminium to protect against spittle droplets emitted during a sneeze or a voice exchange.

Novellini Be Safe - Hygienic


BeSafe Wall can be cleaned with any type of alcoholic disinfectant because it is produced in glass

Novellini Be Safe - Safe


BeSafe Wall is made with 6 mm tempered glass compliant with UNI EN 12150/1

Novellini Be Safe - Adaptable


BeSafe Wall is available in different versions and sizes to be adaptable to different working environments

Novellini Be Safe parafiato

BeSafe Wall is easily adaptable

BeSafe Wall is located in all workplaces where you work close to the public or in general in all environments where people can be less than 1 m away from each other.

Novellini Be Safe dettaglio 1
Novellini Be Safe dettaglio 2

Where to use it

The air curtains offer a huge protective advantage to workers who work in sectors in contact with the public (pharmacists, food, banking, postal workers) and is also suitable for all activities that want to organize a safe recovery such as offices equipped with open spaces, public places such as bars, and shops of all kinds.



Public offices

Public offices

Work space

Work space





Novellini Be Safe - Banco Reception 1
Novellini Be Safe - Banco Reception 2
Novellini Be Safe - Farmacia 1
Novellini Be Safe - Farmacia 2
Novellini Be Safe - Farramenta 1
Novellini Be Safe - Farramenta 2
Novellini Be Safe - Reception
Novellini Be Safe - Ristorante 1
Novellini Be Safe - Ristorante 2
Novellini Be Safe - Showroom 1
Novellini Be Safe - Showroom 2

Three versions and five different sizes

It is possible to customize your barrier by choosing the color of the profiles: silver / silver, matt white, black or chrome and choosing the size that best suits the needs of the space to be rearranged.

Novellini Be Safe - Floor Solutionsa

Floor Solutions

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Novellini Be Safe - Trade Counter solutions

Trade Counter solutions

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Novellini Be Safe - Desk solution

Desk solution

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Special measures available

Three glass finishes and four color profiles

6mm glass
PVD ChromePVD Chrome