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Talent designer bathroom edition 2015

Thanks to our collaboration with the Department of Engineering for Energy, Systems, Area and Constructions in Pisa (D.E.S.Te.C) and the retailer Ideal Comfort, we have launched the first edition of the contest Talent Design Bathroom Edition. Targeting professional architects and young students at the University of Pisa and its surrounding area. The objective was to create a design for a private residence bathroom, respecting a number of the requirements outlined in the contest.


A Novellini Experience 

For 3rd place 

Valentina Biffi won third place in the student category with her project “Natural Recharging” She was granted the unique opportunity to work at Novellinis head quarters in Mantova, where she was offered a mini-internship that included an introduction to the company, and the chance to work in the studio of Novellini’s lead international designer Marco Pellici.