Transform your bathtub into a shower

Why is Revolution different?

Easy and fast to install
  • Minimal building work required


Revolution is the ideal shower cubicle when converting your old bathtub, requiring minimal building work.

Safe and durable
  • The professional solution for changing your bathtub area into a shower

Revolution is made using quality materials, remaining waterproof and discouraging problems caused by humidity and mould.

Attractive and customizable
  • A space that provides everything you need for your daily well-being.

Revolution, designed by Marco Pellici, includes various elements that can make efficient use of all the space formerly occupied by the bathtub: a range of different units with different finishes; housing for washing machines and driers; containers for soiled laundry; shelving for towels.  

Revolution solutions

Novellini has a range of solutions that make effective use of the space formerly occupied by your bathtub,

complete with furnishing options from bathroom designer Marco Pellici..

Shower + washing machine housing unit

This option, that includes a bathroom unit that matches the shower cubicle, is ideal if you want to conceal the washing machine and save space. The space allocated for the washing machine, in the middle for easy access, leaves room below for a laundry basket, and above for a cupboard for detergents or towels. The unit, with soft-closing door, is completely stable as the appliances are secured to the wall and there is a drip tray with external drainage pipe should your washing machine leak at any time.

Shower + washing machine housing unit

This option includes the shower cubicle and a bathroom unit that accommodates both washing machine and dryer. The unit, available in six different finishes, has a soft-closing door. The housing is designed to minimise vibration and comes with everything required for installation: panels to assure adequate air flow, housings for electric cables, and drainage tubes, as well as the drip tray with external drainage tube.

Shower + storage unit

This option with a storage unit is ideal if you wish to use the space for both a spacious shower cubicle and a small storage space. The unit, with soft-closing door, is available in six different finishes. It has a drawer containing a basket for dirty laundry, a comfortable fold-down seat, and a multifunctional unit with glass shelving (5mm -thick glass).

Shower only

This option enables the space left after removing the bathtub to be used to best advantage providing a super-spacious shower cubicle. This cubicle comes in two versions, with two different means of access: one, closed on all four sides, and the other with one side open.

Go to the closed cubicle - Zephyros
Go to the open cubicle - Giada

Personalise your Revolution product

There are many different combinations when it comes to replacing a bathtub with a shower cubicle.

After choosing the right one for your needs, and the space available,

you can personalise your choice in a number of ways and with various accessories. 

Height of the wall panels: as high as the new shower, or as low as for the previous bathtub. Colour options: black or white. 
Glass: transparent; tinted modesty glass; or Zephyros design modesty glass. 
Frame colour: white, silver, black, chrome or nickel.
Shower taps and hose: standard or hydro massage

Accessories: storage shelf for shower gel etc; fold-away seat* and foot rest*. 

*Only available for the 'Shower only' option

Unit finishes: shiny white, soft white, white striped, Burlington, grain, or wenge 'dark wood'.


Polished White




Striped White